iOS - Form closes itself when Appium get the source page

Hello everyone.

Here is my setup :
OS X El Capitan
Eclipse neon with TestNG & Appium java client 1.5.3
iOS Simulator

In the app i want to test (i’m not the developper, i was given a x86 build for testing), i need to open a login form which pops up above the current view.
As soon as i want to locate an element, the form closes so i can’t interact with it.
I have the same issue when using the inspector. As soon as I hit refresh, the form closes.

How can i interact without closing the form ?

Thanks for your help.

You don’t say the Xcode version but I suspect that with El Capitan you are probably on Xcode 8, which is not supported with Appium 1.5.3. Updating to 1.6.4 would be the best advice given the data supplied and the unexpected behavior.

Woops sorry for the version.

XCode version is 7.3.1

When i use Appium 1.6.4 (Appium desktop 1.0.0), it fails at opening my app and constantly open a new instance of Appium so i can’t use it for now.

With the behaviors i face with Appium desktop, i can’t take the risk to update to Xcode 8 if Appium 1.5.3 is not supported anymore since they are other test that are in production right now on a regular basis.

Ok, could you post the logs? That would make diagnosing a lot easier.

You should also take a look in Xcode for any crash logs. Could you be looking at a bug in the app?