iOS How to open control center on iPhone7 Plus

Hi All,

I’m trying to open iOS control center to check Wi-Fi status, but unable to do so.

code using ruby

from_x = @device_screen_size[:x] /2
to_x = from_x
from_y = @device_screen[:y]+10
to_y = from_y /2
@driver.drag_from_to_for_duration :from_x=>from_x, :from_y=>from_y, :to_x=>to_x, :to_y=>to_y, :duration=>1

No error is thrown while the above code is executed.

Can you please help me with this ?

Appium version: 1.7.2
iOS version: 11.2.1
Device : iPhone 7 Plus
macOS: 10.13.2

new TouchAction(DriverConfig.getInstance().getDriver()).press(point(250, 735)).waitAction(waitOptions(Duration.ofSeconds(3))).moveTo(point(250, -460)).release()