[IOS]How to reinstall new app file for each test run

Currently we have some IOS simulator automation tests, using Cucumber framework to manage tests, we want to reset app state(remove app data, if logged in during previous test run, it should be logged out) while keeping app installed for each scenario(scenario means single test case here), uninstall app only for each test suite.

Currently we have ‘no-reset’ set to ‘true’, but after the entire suite finished, the app is still installed on the simulator, so the next I want to test on a new IOS build, appium is still using the old app on simulator, how can I ask appium to use uninstall previous app and use the new one?

add “–full-reset” = true (with Appium < 1.5) as flag with SERVER start

and use “fullReset” = true (with Appium 1.5.X) as flag BUT with DRIVER start. also check https://github.com/appium/appium/issues/6307

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I set fullReset=true, it does nothing different though.
By the way I can’t have “fullReset=true” and “noReset = false” at the same time, I’m getting “Cannot set preferences because a full-reset was requested appium” error.