iOS How to switch from debug app to settings on iPhone7 Plus

Hi All,

I’m new to Appium. I need to switch/open Settings from debug app.
Currently I’m trying to do it via notifications. Open the notifications page and use search to find Settings and open it from there

Issue I’m facing is once I reach notifications I’m getting the xpath of the underlying debug app not the notifications page. Is there anyway to get this done?

Thank you in advance

Appium version: 1.7.2
iOS version: 11.2.1
Device : iPhone 7 Plus
macOS: 10.13.2

Could you potentially use x,y co-ordinates to click on what you need?

You can directly launch settings app bundleID “”

This worked i used x,y to switch to search and switch to settings. Thank you for the suggetion

It has to be this way for my requirement. Thank you for the suggetion

How do open notification in ios ,please help , i need to automate scenario where i have to read notifications text

To open notifications you can do a swipe down with appropriate co-ordinates

eg: driver.drag_from_to_for_duration : from_x , from_y , to_x, to_y , :duration => 0.5

hope this helps

How to get co-ordinates in ios , any option like android to enable pointer location?