Ios+ python, Page source is not getting updated after click button

I am having difficult to find XCUITypeButton because it does not show in XCUIElement page. but for same button If I go back Home page (or any other page) and come back to same page, Appium is able to find the button in XCUIElements.
-Button only visible when you click (or accept first button)

Exact Scenario
Button1 = //XCUITypeElementCell[1]/XCUITypeElementButton[1]
Button2 = //XCUITypeElementCell[2]/ XCUITypeElementButton[1]

If I click Button1 than only XCUITypeElementCell will display all its child elements but for some reason its not showing Button2 in XCUITypeElement.

I found workaround, its to change page and come back to same page.
But I am looking for real solution, how to refresh XCUITypeElement page or page source from appium.
Also Any Help to Refresh page source from appium without changing page or any appium event.
Thanks in advance to all