IOS - Real Device Webdriver Agent Configuration - XCUITest Support

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I have configured the system as per latest XCUITest configuration. Only I got hold on Webdriver Agent configuration , this configuration was fine on the sample app.

Do I need to re-build the WedDriver agent using the Apple Developer credentials used for Real Native App which is under test?

I have used my own personal credentials to build the Webdriver agent and kept Agent runner on. When app launched through automation , Webdriver agent runner got disconnected and execution was very slow.

It seems there is some disconnect with Webdriver agent configuration. Request your support here.


Any update about the mentioned configuration?

Hi ,

Can I get update on this?

What’s the Appium version you’re using?

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Thanks for response , I am using Appium 1.7.1

@kiransweng can you share the appium server logs so as to get the clear idea of what exactly is happening

Agree that the logs will provide a clearer path for help. There are quite a few extra moving pieces to worry about once you get into running against a physical iOS device and, in my experience, its not a super stable arrangement even when it does work. It gets easier with a little experience but, things will get stuck or end up on the wrong version and suddenly automating iOS feels more like trying to get the chevrons to lock on a StarGate.

Without the logs to identify your unique situation, I can make a couple of stabs in the dark:

Uninstalling WDA from the device, rebooting, and reinstalling WDA from XCode has cleared up some unexplained issues for me in the past.

I was having what looked like WDA issues after a certain Appium version upgrade. It turned out to be a problem with auto-launching ios-web-debugging-proxy (IWDP) on startup. Manually launching IWDP with a specified port and feeding that port to Appium cleared it up for me.

Good luck!

@Smitty, Thanks for response. I will apply your steps.
Can you let me know which credentials you have used to build WDA? Personal or your dev team developer account with which your actual app build

@Pavan,I will share the appium log shortly.

I am using the Dev team’s credentials to build and deploy WDA


Thanks , Is it Dev Teams credentials mandatory to build and deploy WDA?
Do you see any issues in using Personal credentials like above what i mentioned?

I am not sure if it matters which credentials you use since I have always just had a single developer account to work with while using Appium. Whenever I add a device to be tested, I open the WDA XCode project, set the project credentials, and then do a run against the device. I assume that if you can deploy WDA in this way, your credentials are setup correctly. If the deployment fails, I would start looking at the provisioning profile you have setup with your developer account

What @Smitty said made sense, but only if your problem is with provisioning.

Again, like someone mentioned above, it would be a lot easier for many of us to help you out if you post the full log here.

Thanks , I will give update with log.