iOS real devices automation "Enable UI Automation" popup

Hi guys,

I would like to ask for some help.
We are trying to run continual iOS tests on real devices running iOS 15+, since some time we are having issues with the “Enable UI Automation” popup.
Some testers have solved this by removing passcode from the device, however as part of our smoke and regression tests we need to have the TouchID enabled since it’s been used in the application and also we cannot remove the passcode because of the company security policy.
The tests cannot be run automatically right now with this annoying prompt. Does anybody having the same issue and solved it somehow without the removal of the passcode? Or is the only option to remove the passcode or use some hosted services (BrowserStack, Sauce Labs, etc.)

Thank you for any help in advance

pretty sure this exact question has been asked in the past Matej.
are you trying to test a release profiled app, that won’t work in the XCUITest F/W I believe. I’m going to go with some guidance/advice on atomic testing, test one thing. Some things are just not automatable, and for a reason. I’m pretty sure there will be other ways to test this manually, and separately. It’s part of the cost I imagine. I doubt you would be able to run such a test robustly in a cloud farm anyway. The only workaround would be to build the app with a special bypass or test mode for testing only, and then do a manual test for release. I do hope I’m wrong though.

just seeing this issue myself now, YAY. Any clues people? It’s a system setting I’m sure, but what?

Go into Settings/Touch ID and Passcode (it has a red thumbprint icon)

turn off all the pin lock and so on options entirely.

there is a thread on apple pages:
Please put a feedback if you need to test apps with passcode enabled.

Entering passcode roughly once a day MANUALLY is not an option for continuous testing…

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Confirm, thanks, this new option needs turning on and passcode removed

Hi @Conrad_Braam, I ran into the same issue now meaning there is a requirement to set a passcode on ipad and my automated tests are failing as it can’t unlock the ipad. Is there any setting that can allow this ?

You cannot pin lock a test farm phone, you must disable pin locking and place the phone in a locked room/location instead. This does mean you have to turn on the PIN again when you take the phone away, but yeah, disable PIN entirely, in ios 15 or 16 they almost force you to PIN the phone, but you can turn it off.

What is the “requirement” of which you speak, is it the apple account the phone logs in with has a policy?