[iOS] - Reset doesn't clear all app data


One of my scenarios requires social sign in through Facebook.
And after the 1st successful login, during the next test-runs, after clicking on Facebook icon - it opens not the initial web Facebook login page, but the page with “Continue” button, it means, that credentials were preserved.
fullReset: true
noReset: false
don’t work. Calling driver.resetApp() doesn’t work either.
And it happens only with the real device.

Any ideas, how to handle it?

It might be that the data is stored in the system keychain. Unfortunately, there is no way to clear/reset keychains on real iOS devices - only simulator

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Thank you @mykola-mokhnach for your answer.
If I find some non-documented workaround - I will update my answer here.

Hello could you please share your information? Thanks.