IOS Safari Appium issue - unable to set value in the field

  • Platform you are automating (iOS or Android). - IOS
  • Appium version - 1.17
  • Simulator/Emulator or Real Device. – Simulator
  • The language you are using for writing tests (client binding) – Kotlin
  • Your OS – MAC

I am facing an issue with IOS safari , appium, automating the mobile web browser.
On Login page of my application sendkeys is working fine for IOS Safari

On certain fields the sendkeys/setText nothing is not working - it is not entering any text in the field - locator is correct - same is working on android chrome browser.

Scenario - Next button gets enabled only when the age field has value.

I tried with javascript document.getElementById - set value and arguments[0].value=9 --> it sets the value in the age field but then the next button doesnt get enabled. (I can see the value in the age field entered)

But when I manually do it or do it on Android Chrome - it works fine.

Can you please help me.