iOS send_keys has ~5 second delay between every letter

Using Python/Appium 2.0 to test on iOS emulator, all calls to send_keys has about a 5 second gap between every letter of whatever string we are trying to type into any field. We have tried adjusting “sendKeyStrategy” capability, but in fact the logs are telling us that is not even supported:

[BaseDriver] The following capabilities were provided, but are not recognized by Appium:
[BaseDriver] autoGrantPermissions
[BaseDriver] sendKeyStrategy
[BaseDriver] waitForAppScript

All of those capabilities are documented, so we are very confused with these results; but still, we cannot find a way to not have the lag between characters. Is anyone else seeing this, and have any advice?


Not sure where these capabilities are documented. does not contain them for sure.

Text input is controlled by XCTest framework and is basically equal to the following API call:

You could verify that by running a native XCTest script on your app. Then the only way to address the issue would be to report it to Apple and wait for a fix.