iOS - Send UTF-8 characters with more than 1 charCount


I need to send all type of unicode characters. In Android I can use the unicodeKeyboard. But in iOS when I send single characters like

sendKeys("ウ") or equivalent .sendKeys("\u30A6")
sendKeys("☺") or equivalent .sendKeys("\u263A")

it works normally. But when I send one character that is composed of two codes, like:

.sendKeys("😀") or equivalent .sendKeys("\uD83D\uDE00");

Then I end with two ?? in the ios keyboard inputfield. Any solution to send more complex characters?

For more info on the above characters:

You don’t say what programming language you are using, so that gives me a free reign to post the solution I use in Ruby.

I use UnicodeUtils gem:

It’s fairly easy to use. Your code:

Would become:

sendKeys(UnicodeUtils.nfc "ウ")


Hi :slight_smile:

its java. The one you gave as an example, works propertly.

Did you test this:


for iPhone?

Sorry about that. I just tried to run some code like that but the app I am working with right now does not accept the input.

Could you take a look at this page and see if it has the answer? I specifically am looking at the String.substring method that returns ‘?’ and needs to be offset. So the code would look like:

.sendKeys("😀".offsetByCodePoints(0, 1))

or something similar…

offsetByCodePoints() returns an int and its used mainly for substring. I just want to enter that type of characters (that are composed of two characters into iOS app).

The article in the link is interesting, but didn’t find anything there that could help me in this case.

@isaac you implemented the the unicodekeyboard PR for Android, any idea on this for iPhone?
@Mykola_Dzyuba you’re an iOS magician :smiley: any idea?



I am facing same issue can you please help me with the solution . I have all the latest version installed.