IOS-setValue and sendkeys are not working in webdriverio , Appium 1.21.0,browserstack

I’m using appium1.21.0 with ios 14.4 emulator on browser stack. I unable set value for the passcode screen.
const ActionHelper = require(’./…/helpers/actionHelpers’);

class CreatePasscodePage{
this.passcode1 = ‘//XCUIElementTypeOther[@name=“passcode entry screen header”]/XCUIElementTypeOther[2]/XCUIElementTypeOther/XCUIElementTypeOther’;



   // ActionHelper.typeText(this.passcode1,passcode)
   // console.log(passcodeNo1);
   // ActionHelper.setPasscode(this.passcode1,passcode);


ActionHelper class:
static setValue(locator,inputText)
How can I achieve setvalue or sendkeys in webdriverio, anyone have knowledge about this please help me-Thanks

Browserstack, like many vendors changes Appium to some degree. I’m not actually sure what they change/add to it. I could not find a BrowserStack Forum, but this is their support page for automation, with a ‘Contact Us’ button on the bottom. If you are paying for this service, you ought to be entitled to support:

You may get a quicker answer by posing your question to them.