iOS sim tests running very slowly on Yosemite - anyone else?

Just trying to to run some ios tests in a simulator using appium 1.3 and yosemite and it’s incredibly slow - the same set of tests took about two minutes on Mavericks, anyone else run into this?

Yes Appium 1.3.4 , Appium lib 5.0.0 , Yosemite, Xcode 6.1.1 , each command is taking very very longer than usual.
Dont think its an Yosemite issue ?
Seems like the Issue with processing commands. Please some one shed some light on this.

@jonahss Please look into this, i find this the case where we are using xpath to find elements ,appium is showing all the elements in the appium logs before processing the command - it is taking way longer with Appium 1.3.X version . When i use 1.2.0 it is not the case.

I’m now experiencing this after upgrading to Yosemite with 1.3.4

Overall the tool is completely unusable at this point.

I don’t immediately see a bug report logged on Git. Has one been created?

Very slow, specifically on boot, after an upgrade from OS X 10.9 with appium 0.18 -> OS X 10.10 with appium 1.3.4

Logged Appium bug report here:

Unfortunately I don’t have much in the way of programmatic details to share to support or explain the issue at this time. Feel free to add detail if you have any.

But certainly test code that normally takes a few seconds now takes several minutes or more. And runs of test suites seem to get slower as the test cases execute. Once the suite has completed it’s difficult to even scroll in the log window, you get repetitive beach balls just trying to scroll up a few lines.

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Scripts are running very slow with appium 1.5.2 version , but with appium 1.4.3 version ,it is very fast .Suppose for each testscript in appium 1.4.3 ,it takes 80 sec ,but with appium 1.5.2 ,it is taking 400 sec .Any Idea how to fix this one ?

Are you able to run at same speed using 1.5.2 ?i am still having slowness in my test,please share solution