iOS simulator --full-reset option


I am running my appium tests on iOS simulator with -full-reset option. I have just one session to run my tests (i.e all the test scenarios), however between scenarios the app gets uninstalled and the app data gets deleted. Is this the desired behaviour? As per the documentation full-reset should uninstall and delete the app data only after the session is complete:

“Full Reset: Reset app state by uninstalling app instead of clearing app data and also remove the app after the session is complete.”


When do you call driver.quit()? I believe that designates the “end of a session” and would cause the --full-reset behavior to apply.

Thanks for the reply Jessica.

I am instantiating driver in @BeforeStories and calling driver.quit() in @AfterStories.
I have driver.launchApp() in @BeforeScenario and driver.closeApp() in @AfterScenario

Looking at logs I can confirm that the session actually ends when driver.quit() is called; however, between different scenarios the app and its data gets deleted while the session still remains the same.

driver.closeApp() ends the webdriver session on iOS as well.