iOS Simulator : uninstall app without reset the simulator

I have an app with https connection to remote, so I need to use Charles and install the ssl certificate on the simulator. It works fine but when I test my app with Appium, I’m kind of stuck.

  • if I’m setting noReset = true, app is uninstalled and re-install before the test (so it’s ok because I test the last version of the app) but I need to re-install the Charles Certificate (and it’s not ok because I can’t do it with automation so it need a manual step, which is a big trouble for automation)
  • If I’m setting noReset = false, Charles Certificate stays on the simulator (which is nice), but the app is not updated (because appium still using the one installed on the phone and not the new .app I putting in parameters).

So I’m looking for a way to reset the app and only the app before an appium test on iOS simulator, can you help me ?
Thanks !

Nobody ?
It looks like impossible :frowning:

I need an answer as well. My tests need to uninstall/reinstall the AUT, but I do NOT want the simulator itself reset in any way.