iOS - unable to find an element during execution

Hi all!, im facing a rare issue, sometimes the elements are not beign recongnized during test execution, it’s not about load page time or element identification, i thing its refer to:

If you’re using the desktop app on macOS, when you run it you will likely be greeted with some error about the app not being able to be opened, or not verified by Apple, or something similar. The easiest way to get around this is to run xattr -cr on the file you downloaded. So let’s say you downloaded appium-inspector.dmg and copy Appium in /Applications inside the disk image. Then you would run xattr -cr "/Applications/Appium" before opening it. The same goes for the zip version (or the .app itself).

The reason for this is that the Appium team does not have a paid Apple developer account and so our app isn’t signed by a certificate they recognize, so the OS attempts to prevent it from running. Running the command above gets around this security limitation. Posted on:

Sometimes i not able to open the app with the inspector despite i executed ``xattr -cr “/Applications/Appium”`

  • macOS Monterey 12.0, M1
  • Appium version 1.22.2
  • Node v16.14.0
    Creating session with W3C capabilities: {
    “alwaysMatch”: {
    “platformName”: “ios”,
    “autoAcceptAlerts”: true,
    “automationName”: “XCUITest”,
    “bundleId”: “com.xxxx”,
    “deviceName”: “iphoneSE”,
    “platformVersion”: “15.3.1”,
    “udid”: “00008030-xxxx”,
    “useNewWDA”: true,
    “xcodeOrgId”: “xxxxx”

The app is an Hybrid app developed on React, does not have a WebView

The test are executed without issues on Android

I saw some links where someone else has the same issue in previous versions: Unable to identify Elements during runtime for IOS

Let me know if there is more info needed


Probably should just add ‘app’ capability to stabalize:

Hi @wreed i added the app capability but i keep getting the same issue. Thanks for reply!

Ok, since it’s react native this may help. Otherwise I’m out of ideas: