Ios14 devices for testability

How or what device do I need to get if I want to verify an iOS 14 functionality. Is that iPhone5?
All my devices upgraded to 15.5 , apple jsut upgrade you straight from 13 to 15 so you don’t get an option to stop at 14. no way to downgrade or re-initialize that people know about?

Or just known models that only update to 14.x?

Try to use some cloud provider. There are many

I would, but the cloud providers are a really long ramp up to get going on. iOS provisioning profiles, VPN networking, and all that scary security stuff is a thing I’m planning to do later because all I need is some ad-hoc checks short term. Apple provisioning profiles and the way we have to interact with secured features on the device are also a hurdle I’m not ready to cross yet. Apple already made it a bit of trouble by making it mandatory to update to Monterey across my farm.
(How hard are these guys to set up on VPN and then get things like device rotation and testing actual app responsiveness to highly interactive elements like? It’s a longer term plan, but not keen to get forced to rewrite all of my tests.)

I work for SauceLabs, so my answer would probably be too obvious :man_shrugging:

Oh, no nothing wrong with using Sauce. :slight_smile: I’m only keen to go with one of the bigger vendors, because our needs are very complex. I’m keen on being open to options, I just need a clear month or two where I’m not under project pressure to do the integrations I would need, to go cloud-device. Right now I’m testing an MDM integration, so I’m having to have actual devices in my hands, so my question was more long term.