Is appium available for flutter apps?

I’ve being trying many alternatives to test a mobile app written in flutter. But nothing worked.

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Actually appium can work on flutter, but having some issues, i’ve got an issue about typing text on textbox using sendKeys(), it can’t work on flutter app, appium can’t find element of flutter app textbox. maybe anyone can help me?

Just click the textbox and sendkeys

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I am having same issue, tried both setvalue and sendkeys but couldn’t set complete text into textfield skips few characters in between while entering. Were you able to figure out any solution for this? If so please share.

Thanks in advance.

I have an issue finding a element by Xpath on flutter apps. Appium inspector locate properly the element but when the script is run doesn’t work.
Can you help me, please?
Thank you in advance!

Had the same issue with the Appium Flutter. Any update for it please?

Consider reporting all the issues related to the Appium Flutter driver to

Yes, check this article for more details:

Hi, I found another way of doing this.

So, click on the element first and when keyboard pops out you can type by keyboard using this command

String keysToSend = “test”;


You should use MobileElement like this:

MobileElement e = (MobileElement) driver.findElement(xInputCusId);

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increase the delay between keys sent works sometimes.