Is Appium Python any way for Explit Wait use mobile locator AppiumBy.ID?

Is it any way to implement for Appium Python explit wait method where can I find_element(AppiumBy.ID)? Or any other use mobile element locator ?
I tried this

and it’s working for first method allow_permision (it’s Android system button id) but when I try use it of my app element Id, it doesn’t work. (I see it on mobile screen but receive NoSuchElementError)

I don’t know why… Mayby specific implementation (app has xamarin.forms atrributes),
Mayby Shoud I do somthing specific to let know webDriver from selenium to use Id from mobile?
Or mayby it’s known problem to doesn’t work with native app?
Could anyone help me? Maybe other way to effective wait for element is better in appium?