Is Appium suitable for Automating Games from Unity Platform

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I am new to using Appium, and before I go on further to installing it, I was wondering if anyone knows if it will work on games built from Unity Platform? Otherwise, anyone ever automated any other games via Appium? I hope it is proven that dynamic games can be automated any time soon.

Any information will be much appreciated. Many thanks


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I tried to automate one game with Appium, but object are not identifying. Any solution available for game automation.

Any body has idea on this topic?

Yep. I’m automating unity apps but it demands several things:
1.You need to add a unity driver to the appium server code.
2.You need to add an agent component (that opens some socket) to receive messages from the appium server and executes the commands in unity.

It is pretty complex but very satisfying when you get it to work :slight_smile:

So Basically, there isn’t any solution out of the box, you need to develop it yourself (which I did).
The appium community is great so you can get a lot of info there.


Can you please help in starting with this as how to setup and add unity in appium?
Did you develop your framework your own using testng and Appium server?

Canyou please name unity server and tell ushow to install? Like steps.
It will be very useful.

Use AltUnityTester:
Full tutorial here:

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