Is Apple TV supported by Appium!

is Apple TV supported by appium!If not is there a plan to support and when can we expect it.
we are developing TV apps and planning to use appium for QA automation.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Mahesh Kumar.S

There have been no replies to this question in almost 1 year. Does anyone know if Apple TV is even on the roadmap for Appium? I noticed Dan Cuellar mentioned that the latest version supported the you.i tv framework which itself supports Apple TV, so there’s that. But as far as built-in native tvOS support in Appium . . . anyone . . . Bueller?

Hi, I have faced with the same problem - looks like basically there is no information regarding tvOS and Appium support at all.
There is an error while trying to start Appium inspection against tvOS:

My caps are:
“platformName”: “tvOS”,
“platformVersion”: “11.1”,
“deviceName”: “Apple TV”,
“app”: “~/Documents/”,
“automationName”: “XCUITest”

If anyone knows something regarding the tvOS support - please reply. Thanks ahead!

From Appium 1.13.0 support tvOS