Is Automation working with Xcode 9.3 and iOS 11.3?


is Automation working with Xcode 9.3 and iOS 11.3 ? I upgrade my setup to Appium 1.8.4 beta, Xcode 9.3 and iOS 11.3. Noticed Webdriver Agent fails to launch App.

Have you guys successfully migrated to Xcode 9.3 and iOS 11.3, please let me know.

When I updated XCode on one of our development machines, it upgrade the iOS simulators to use iOS 11.3. Since that happened I’ve experienced the same issue you’re reporting, but on the simulators only. I am still able to launch tests on physical devices.

When running Xcode 9.2 and iOS 11.2 simulators, everything is working as expected. Maybe the WebDriverAgent project ( needs to be updated?