Is it possible to automate Apple Vision Pro?

Hello, I am trying to do automation on Apple Vision Pro, I use these capabilities {
“platformName”: “iOS”,
“appium:platformVersion”: “17.0”,
“appium:deviceName”: “Apple Vision Pro”,
“appium:automationName”: “XCUITest”,
“appium:udid”: “EB2BB922-DCAF-44BF-8C15-2EDE677C08DA”
but appium inspector is showing just black screen and doesnt work properly. There is an issue with WebDriverAgent, so could you help me to fix these black screen issue on Appium Inspector or refactor code in WebDriverAgent project?

Hello, i know its not an issue, i am also using appium with Xcode Beta, but i wanted to test using apple vision pro simulator and whenever i run WebDriverAgent and start appium inspector its just black screen, and i wanted to know how to fix that issue with visionOS because there is not any driver for that

If there is no driver then one should create one.
The XCUITest one does not support VisionOS and there is no plans to add its support there

Okay, Thank you for information, if anyone tries to create driver for that , contact me as i am trying to create it as well

I’ve changed the topic to be more meaningful, so that someone trying to do this might actually find it.

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