Is it possible to run appium tests on AVD while app is installed?

Hello. I am using Linux. I installed App on my virtual machine. Is it possible to write and run tests? Or does appium requires to set apk file?

you either need a apk file or you should be knowing package name and ActivityName
Add following capabilities

File obj=new File("your apk file path");
caps.setCapability("deviceName","Your device name")


caps.setCapability("deviceName","Your device name")
caps.setCapability("appPakage","Your applicaiton pkg name")
caps.setCapability("appActivity","Activity in the package")

Thank you. I just added caps.setCapability(“appPackage”,“Your applicaiton pkg name”) and it seems to works.
However, it does not run App which is installed in AVD.

I don’t know how to get caps.setCapability(“appActivity”,“Activity in the package”) value for my App. Command ./aapt dump badging do not work. It requires some menifest.xml.Is it required to run the App?

If you have access to code, you can get these details from Manifest file.

If not, there are few apps which helps you get these details . one of them is apk info.

Search for it in google play and install it and find out the activity name for the app under test.

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