Is it possible to run Appium Tests parallely on Multiple devices without Selenium Grid?

I wanted to know, if Appium scripts can be run on multiple Android or iOS devices parallely, Using a single driver instance and not using Selenium Grid.

Most examples i have come across have used selenium grid, Wanted to know if it is possible without it.

Right now i use Testng and the parallel"tests" tag to run it parallely, it spawns the android and ios devices but the tests do not run on the targeted device and run just on one of the devices.

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Yes you can.Look at this:

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@Mayuresh_Shirodkar: Yes you can run without selenium grid as pointed out by @SrinivasanSekar.

However, the best approach is always using the selenium grid, since the grid designed to handle all your thread management. I’ve been using Selenium grid for a while and never faced any difficulty in using it.

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Thanks @email2vimalraj and @SrinivasanSekar for the replies. Will take a look at the Framework.

Another question, will a static driver object work( eg. public static AppiumDriver driver) with Selenium grid or will that mess up the runs on the devices as it may be sharing the same memory space?

If using Selenium grid, is it possible to start all nods from code?

you can see this web,They realize one way to parallely multiple devices

@Mayuresh_Shirodkar: That is a risk I would say based on what level you are implementing parallelism (test level or class level). As the best approach, avoid using static driver object.

You could also read my blog how I implemented parallelism:

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@shaychosen: Yes you can do it certainly using some bash script or you can use the AppiumDriverLocalService to do that.