Is it possible to select multiple emlements using Accessibility IDs and wildcards?

I know this can be done with XPath. But I have accessibility IDs that are regular. Like:
footer.btn.Jun 25, 2021
footer.btn.Jun 26, 2021
footer.btn.Jun 28, 2021

I would like to be able to say:

btns = driver.elementsByAccessibilityIdPattern("footer.btn*");
btns.forEach(btn => ....);

where you can select multiple Id with ‘*’:

  • iOSNsPredicateString
  • iOSClassChain


  • AndroidUIAutomator
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Very good!
I have been playing with iOSClassChain:
let e = driver.elements('-ios class chain','**/some/chain/')

What is iOSNsPredicateString?

You need use ‘contain’

This looks very interesting. How do I get at these APIs using Javascipt/WD?


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Thanks. That is a very useful page.

After I typed my ;last question I found that: await driver.elements('-ios predicate string', base_url_iosp); (where base_url_iosp is a predicate string I got from the appium front end) returns a array(ish) object.

Is there a way I can find those predicate strings by examining the code, rather than by using the appium front end?

I use result of “driver.getPageSource()” (Java) on needed screen. then I am looking what we have: name, value or label.

also example:

PS when something needed I am adding accessibility IDs into iOS code myself.

Yes, me too. I have the power.

But they do not always work. They seem particularly unreliable for static elements like labels. Early days yet for me.

I also am having no luck using them on “popover” windows.