Is it possible to start appium server on remote machine (mac)?

I have a windows machine, where my code repository is and where I start appium server programatically. Now I have a mac, where my iPhone is connected to. I have installed Appium and can connect remotely to the running appium server to execute the testcase from my windows machine. But I need to make sure, that the server is already running on the mac. Is there a way to start the appium server remotely from my windows machine?

Any ideas how I can solve this issue?

If you have ssh access you can check if Appium is running with a command like:

ps aux | grep appium

You can start it with a script or program by calling it for command line. You don’t mention your programming language, but let’s say you were using Java, you could add a .jar file with all your Appium starting functionality and even give parameters to the .jar file if you had a need to start it differently (say with a different port, for example).

Of course you could always just ssh in and give the command:


So much depends on your programming language of choice and your determination.

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