Is it possible to switch wifi networks

Hi @jlipps, @jonahss, @SergeyTichomirov
While executing my test suite I have to switch between two networks. Is it possible through Appium?
In the middle of the execution I have to change my wifi connection from Network_1 to Network_2 and after completing a specific test case I have to change the wifi back to Network_1 from Network_2.
Please let me know if it possible through Appium or from iDevice Settings .

Darn, no responses from the community? I have the same question. Would like to make network configuration changes on iOS device via Appium. Wanted to know if possible and/or if there’s a code sample that demonstrates that.

It seems here’s a related post:

and from that, it appears for iOS at least, there’s no exposed interface to configure network settings. Maybe not even Android, not sure. But at least for Android, one can enable/disable wifi/data connection, where that doesn’t seem to be available on iOS at all. :frowning: