Is it possible to use appium capabilities in customise way?

Hi Team,

I am using appium flutter driver with wdio.
I have one testcase to automate in which I have to upload image from gallery in my app.
Current capability for IOS is:
import config from ‘./wdio.conf’;
import PlatformInfo from ‘./’;

// Appium capabilities
config.capabilities = [
        'appium:platformName': 'iOS',
        'appium:noReset': false,
        'appium:fullReset': true,
        'appium:maxInstances': 1,
        'appium:automationName': 'Flutter',
        'appium:deviceName': PlatformInfo.deviceName(),
        'appium:platformVersion': PlatformInfo.platformVersion(),
        'appium:app': PlatformInfo.appName(),
        'appium:appWaitDuration': 20000,
        'appium:newCommandTimeout': 90000,
        'appium:webviewConnectTimeout': 20000,
        'appium:commandTimeouts': 2000,
        'appium:launchTimeout': 5000,
        'appium:fullContextList': true,
        'appium:autoAcceptAlerts': true,
        'appium:chromedriverExecutable': '',
        'appium:isInspectable': true,
        'appium:chromeOptions': {
            'w3c': false,
            'args': [

config.cucumberOpts.tagExpression = '@iosApp';// pass tag to run tests specific to ios

exports.config = config;

I think I am using ``appium:autoAcceptAlerts’: true, due to which it dismiss the dialog which shows "Allow access to photos", "Select photos" , "Don't allow"
and due to which I could not select any option on it?
I also need autoAcceptAlerts capability. How should I handle both the situation, any inputs will be helpful.

Thankyou. :slight_smile: