Is it possible to use Selenium's RemoteWebDriver and Appium's AppiumDriver in parallel?

I’m trying to write some test scripts which involves uploading a file via Chrome. I’m using Selenium’s in order to test the web application using Chrome on a Samsung Note 10 device.

I’ve managed to write the script up to the point of clicking on the file upload button which in turn bring up the file upload control asking me which type of file I’d like to upload. However since this is not a web control I can’t interact with it using RemoteWebDriver. I tried to create a new instance of AppiumDriver but since an instance of
RemoteWebDriver already exists I’m unable to create a new instance of AppiumDriver.

Is there anyway I could go about this issue? I tried to cast RemoteWebDriver as a AppiumDriver (despite feeling that it wouldn’t work) but it wasn’t possible.

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