Is "Running Appium from Source" need to be update?

I am trying to get into the source code from here Running Appium from Source

The step where I ran node . throw error said Error: Cannot find module

Shouldn’t it be npm run start instead?

Found an answer, not sure if it is correct. I created pull request here.

AFAIK that tutorial is relevant for Appium1. Appium2 docs are not present on yet

Thank you @mykola-mokhnach. Also got the answer from

This leads me to the next question about the npm run start

How does the "start": "appium", link or relates to source code in package/appium'?

It looks like npm run start is equivalent to running node . inside package/appium. I am not sure if it is because workspaces in package.json or if there is other config to help.

appium is now a monorepo. It includes packages that were separate before under the single @appium root

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