Is there a regression with iOS swipe not working in appium >= 1.5

I have the following code:

action =
action.swipe :start_x => 300, :start_y => 300, :end_x => 1, :end_y => 300, :touchCount => 1, :duration => 1500

This works in the iOS simulator for the last version of appium 1.4.x. But in 1.5 and above it is no longer working? Is this a known issue.? If not, would anyone have an idea how to work around this to swipe left issue?

Thanks in advance.

Hi Danqa,
Yes, this issue does occur for Appium 1.5.
Please see here my reply!

Hi @Arfan1

So I try the work around you showed:

action ={:x => 200, :y => 200}).wait(100).move_to({:x => 10, :y => 200}).release.perform

but it doesn’t do anything :frowning:

I am doing this in Ruby. I see no errors in the appium server logs. Any ideas? Does what I have look incorrect?

Fix it:

Correct code to swipe left:

action ={:x => 200, :y => 200}).wait(100).move_to({:x => -200, :y => 0}).release.perform
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Worked for me.