Is there a step by step setup for going from iOS7.1 to iOS8.1 on Appium?

Hi all!

I’ve been working with appium for a while, right now with this combination
XCode 6.1.1
Appium 1.3.6

I can work with iOS7.1 apps. The apps starts on the simulator, I can see see the elements with the inspector, I can automate and run test cases; but everytime I try to run an iOS8.# app with appium I got the same issue “Could not pre-launch appium: Error: App did not have elements”

Is it any specific settting that I should do to make it work?
(I already enabled the “Settings/Developer/Enable UI Automation” option)

I was getting that error with an app that was not x64 compatible. If I recall correctly, it was an old app that I was trying to run on an iphone 6 simulator with 8.1+.

Have you tried running the app using Instruments->Automation? I was getting a black screen using that, proving that it was indeed the app and not appium that was causing it.

hi @Simon_K.
If I try to run the app from the simulator it works perfectly fine.

So, it doesn’t seems to be related to the app itself.

@jlipps I’ve searched all over this site and github, I’ve found a lot of topics related to this, but nothing seems to solve the issue.
Can you help me and point me in the right direction?