Is there a way to check cooler of element

i test app with elements with different colours and every color is indicated to certain behaviour

as button a is grey when the employee is unavailable and app is native Android and iOS

i want to check the coolers of buttons

I’m not quite sure what “cooler” is, but to verify colours I would take element’s screenshot and then use visual comparison

thanks for your reply - i mean colour , but is there a way to do it programatically ?

I was talking about automated. There is a simple way to do that, e.g. read the color of the particular image pixel(s) and compare it(them) to the expected one. A more complicated/flexible way would be to use opencv

can please help me how to do that or give me link of examples of this ?

i tried to use getCssValue("color ");>> but it failed because the element has not attribute called color >> it is android element