Is there a way to disable autocorrect on IOS simulator before/wile it is booting up?

I searched the forum for this question but they were realllly old threads, i was hoping someone can shed some light on this since its been a wile and from what i can tell its not possible…

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I believe it’s built into the app that you are testing. So if there is a text input, the developer adds autocorrect as a feature to this element (I’m not exactly sure though).

What you may want to ask your developers is whether they could disable autocorrect in the debug build, which is what you use Appium for testing anyway.

Thankyou, i will talk to them about it

The only workaround I know for this issue is the following:

  • Disable autocorrect from:

       Settings > Keyboard > ...
  • Add additional device capabilities:

     capabilities.setCapability("fullReset", false);
     capabilities.setCapability("noReset", true);