Is there a way to instal the appium 1.5 and 1.6 on same mac?

Is there a way to instal the appium 1.5 and 1.6 on same mac?

I believe you could do this by cloning the git repo (and checking out the proper tag) into two different directories.

@CrashTestDummy you should NOT be doing that.

Always use latest version only

Completely disagree. I actively discourage people from the latest version, and encourage them to use a version or 2 back.

I suppose you could install the UI for 1.5.3 and then try installing the new Appium “Desktop” UI for 1.6.4 and see if that does what you need. Just use the UI to start the one you want.

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If we follow this strategy; then we can’t find bugs with latest version and team can’t fix it.
This will not help the project & community in long run

I would suggest in case you’ve multiple machines, run existing regression suite with latest appium server , find bugs and report them to help yourself and others as well

Another fact ( from my 1+ month of appium issues observation on daily basis )

  1. I’m spending daily 1 hr minimum to go through each of the issues filed under appium repo
  2. From stats I can say that almost 65 - 70% are found working with latest build.
  3. Latest build is keeping upto date with latest WDA releases and if you’re using old build then you’re unnecessary wasting time in debugging issue which is already fixed in current version.

It really depends on what the user views their job as. If finding and filing bugs in Appium is the job then you are correct, everyone should be on the latest version and follow along with every release.

However, my job, the one that pays my bills, is to test my employers product. I am absolutely happy to set and forget Appium while doing this, and to only update when a needed feature is added (for example, 1.6 for iOS 10 support). I’m happy to help where I can, and I’m happy to try a new version, but I would never use the latest in production. I see too many people on this board run into a mess of trouble because they update everything left and right and then wonder why they can’t get any work done.

My $0.02. Nothing personal.

Agreed wreed… I have a setup with Appium 1.5.3 on a couple machines that is working just fine for me with all the tests I’ve developed over the last 8 months. But now that I need to test on iOS 10 and Android 7.x, I’ll need to start using Appium 1.6. I decided to uninstall 1.5 from one machine and install Appium 1.6 on it, but now none of my tests run on 1.6 because of all the “growing pains” that 1.6 is still going through. I can’t afford the downtime on that machine to not be running tests, so being able to have Appium 1.5 (which still works for me) along side 1.6 (the future) would let me continue to run tests, but also allow me to get my stuff working with the latest 1.6.

Vikram, I’m all in on working with everyone here in the community to make Appium the best it can be, but everyone has their levels of time to make that happen. Let’s try helping people with the issues they have, and if/when an upgrade is possible, it’ll happen for them.

So you have two appium on one machine (Mac OS), 1.5 to run test, and 1.6 for research. And there is no problem with running test on 1.5 appium?

This is what I want to do. I want to test my app on 1.5 but also I want assist improving appium 1.6

No, I ended up just re-installing 1.5.3 on the machine, so I have 2 machines running Appium 1.5.3 where my tests run, and I was able to find another old machine where I am doing my script upgrades to Appium 1.6 on. It’s a slower process, but until I can get my iOS 10 scripts running successfully with Appium 1.6, I’m not going to risk trying both on one machine.

OK. Thanks for answer

Hey, give it a try and let us know! :slight_smile:

For what it’s worth, I now have both the old Appium 1.5.3 UI and the new Appium 1.6 Desktop UI apps installed on my mac and I can go back and forth between them just fine.

Ok fine. I suppose you have installed two xcode on this mac? Are you must switch between Xcode? If you want testing on appium 1.5 you must switch to Xcode 7 and If you want testing on appium 1.6 you must switch to Xcode 8?

Okay, ignore my last comment. I was running Android tests with the old 1.5.3 at the time. Sorry about that. All this switching back and forth between Android/iOS/Phone/Tablet makes me crazy sometimes! :sweat_smile:

Yes. It is possible to install both 1.5.3 version and 1.6 Desktop client in Mac machine. You have to select the option to keep both the software when message displayed as do you want to replace. Ideally, a person doesn’t need the older version if the new one works well.

Great thanks for answer, I want to start test on new appium 1.6 but first i want to know that my tests runs on new appium, so I want to have acces to old version too. If tests are started, I remove old appium