Is there a way to interact with invisible elements

Is there a way to interact with invisible elements, How does appium Inspector detects that element is invisible?


What exactly you want to do?

Invisible elements are available in automations scripts.

In my code I use method webElement.isDisplayed() to check if element visible.

I need to perform actions on it.
e.g entering text on an invisible text field?

More over my curiosity is rather to understand how appium inspector identifies that certain elements are invisible or disabled?

I am building the same code locally and jenkins, for the jenkins one Appium shows that certain elements are invisible, works fine if i build ipa file locally on machine.

If you mean elements that aren’t on the screen, it depends what you are testing. You can’t interact with such elements on Android, whereas you can on iOS

Hi Willosser,

Please clarify this one. Can we perform action(like enter text, click) on ios nativie invisible elements?
if yes , Please tell me how we can perfom action on ios nativie invisible elements.

Thanks in advance.


My testing focuses solely on Android. I only know of this difference based on previous discussions. Sorry that I’m unable to help you any further.