Is there a way to update the Android APP using Appium?


I have to test scenarios in which each test case involves updating the existing app with another new version (of course with same signature) and test few fubctionalities. Is there a way to update the Android APP using Appium? Like launching the APP with one version and update it with another version.


If you update app, you still have to close it anyway, right?
Well, you can start new driver with other capabilities, where instead of path to app version1 you will have path to app version2.

no this doens’t work, if app is already installed appium skips the installation, even if the app path is different.

You are wrong. It is all depending on capabilies.

Then show me a code that works.

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@Samrat_Ghosh check Difference between noReset and fullReset?

With fullReset you will reinstall/intall or upgrade you r application on phone from given apk file.

I know what full reset does it uninstall the app and reinstall, but how can we update the app without resetting or clearing the cache?

@Samrat_Ghosh only with adb help. when we have control to device. with only appium no way. in this case you are right.


I was wondering if there is any update to this since the Appium 2.0


This is nice, thanks a lot!