Is there any way to not show clipboard button during SendKeys action?

Android 7.0
Appium 1.7.1
Native Android App

When I’m doing SendKeys action on a TextBox, Appium does long tap on this TextBox causing appearance of clipboard button and then inputs text inside the text field.

Inserting text works perfectly fine, but is there any way to avoid showing clipboard button?

The issue exists when I use Appium Unicode keyboard and without it.

Never tried, but maybe clicking on field to select it and then using adb to send text:

adb shell input text "this%stext"

%s represents space

You can try
textBox.pressKeyCode(AndroidKeyCode.KEYCODE_CTRL_LEFT, AndroidKeyCode.KEYCODE_V);

Click here for documentation.

Thanks Telmo, it is a good way when we do automation a mobile device connected to our machine. Do you know any way to do it when Appium server is running on remote machine? Can we invoke adb commands using appium?

you have some available, like driver.pressKeyCode(AndroidKeyCode.HOME), etc… but I dont think input text is one of those :expressionless:

There are some threads on github about this:

This clipboard popup is extremely annoying when showing tests to customers - they always ask if it means that we are just pasting the predefined values into the fields and why we are not doing what real user would do - input letter by letter.
It would be great if with appium we could somehow eliminate this longclick on each send keys.