Is there any way to prevent the orientation being forced to portrait when WDA launches an app?

Using XCUITEST, IOS(10.2.1),REAL device(iPad9.7")Appium 1.6.5

I have the iPad standing in ‘landscape’ mode, with the USB connector to the Right as I look at it.

Using the python bindings, I do:

caps = {'showXcodeLog': True,
'realDeviceLogger': 'idevicesyslog',
'bundleId': '',
'useNewWDA': True,
'fullReset': False,
'automationName': 'xcuitest',
'clearSystemFiles': True,
'platformVersion': '10.2.1',
'deviceName': 'Ipad9.7',
'usePrebuiltWDA': False,
'logXcodeOutput': True,
'newCommandTimeout': 86400,
'preventWDAAttachments': True,
'platformName': 'iOS',
'udid': '0dxxxxx35'}
driver = webdriver.Remote("http://localhost:4723/hub/wd", caps)

and that works fine, except that it launches youtube in portrait mode, and not the mode that the device is currently in. If I do it manually, in this position, youtube launches in landscape. and in fact with appium i see it launching in landscape and then moving to portrait.

and in the logs from appium, i see this:

[debug] [XCUITest] WebDriverAgent running on ip ''
[debug] [XCUITest] WebDriverAgent successfully started after 15145ms
[debug] [BaseDriver] Event 'wdaSessionAttempted' logged at 1502206664262 (16:37:44 GMT+0100 (IST))
[debug] [XCUITest] Sending createSession command to WDA
[debug] [JSONWP Proxy] Proxying [POST /session] to [POST http://localhost:8100/session] with body: {"desiredCapabilities":{"bundleId":"","arguments":[],"environment":{},"shouldWaitForQuiescence":true,"shouldUseTestManagerForVisibilityDetection":false,"maxTypingFrequency":60,"shouldUseSingletonTestManager":true}}
[debug] [JSONWP Proxy] Got response with status 200: {"value":{"sessionId":"3DF6A251-A793-47BC-A522-746B34996873","capabilities":{"device":"ipad","browserName":"YouTube","sdkVersion":"10.2.1","CFBundleIdentifier":""}},"sessionId":"3DF6A251-A793-47BC-A522-746B34996873","status":0}
[debug] [BaseDriver] Event 'wdaSessionStarted' logged at 1502206668221 (16:37:48 GMT+0100 (IST))
[debug] [XCUITest] Found WDA derived data folder: '/Users/User/Library/Developer/Xcode/DerivedData/WebDriverAgent-brdadhpuduowllgivnnvuygpwhzy'
[XCUITest] Setting '555' permissions to '/Users/User/Library/Developer/Xcode/DerivedData/WebDriverAgent-brdadhpuduowllgivnnvuygpwhzy/Logs/Test/Attachments' folder
[debug] [BaseDriver] Event 'wdaPermsAdjusted' logged at 1502206668223 (16:37:48 GMT+0100 (IST))
[debug] [BaseDriver] Event 'wdaStarted' logged at 1502206668224 (16:37:48 GMT+0100 (IST))
[debug] [XCUITest] Setting initial orientation to 'PORTRAIT'
[debug] [JSONWP Proxy] Proxying [POST /orientation] to [POST http://localhost:8100/session/3DF6A251-A793-47BC-A522-746B34996873/orientation] with body: {"orientation":"PORTRAIT"}
[debug] [JSONWP Proxy] Got response with status 200: {"value":{},"sessionId":"3DF6A251-A793-47BC-A522-746B34996873","status":0}
[debug] [BaseDriver] Event 'orientationSet' logged at 1502206669840 (16:37:49 GMT+0100 (IST))
[Appium] New XCUITestDriver session created successfully, session a186fce3-9940-4038-a758-840121f22098 added to master session list
[debug] [BaseDriver] Event 'newSessionStarted' logged at 1502206669841 (16:37:49 GMT+0100 (IST))

My question is, is there any way to not have it reset the orientation to portrait? I’ve searched the capabilities, and even the code for appium-xcuitest-driver and don’t see any switch to disable this behaviour.