Is there anyway integrating Windows Mobile with Appium?

Hi Guys

I have read some stuff on some forums that there is/was a work/project going on to make Appium support Windows mobile platform.

I am interested to start automating on windows mobile platform for native apps. It would be great if you guys provide some useful information on this.

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@Teddy_k Well, Appium supports for iOS & Android platform alone. For more information click the link
Click here

Hope it helps. Thanks :smiley:

Hi ashokkumarg

Thanks for getting back to me! I know that Appium officially supports iOS and Android device. I read in forums and saw some presentations on youtube that there was a plan to support more platforms other than iOS and Android. Those discussions and presentations took place in 2013, now it has been almost 2 years. I was just interested to get a status updates on the plan, if it has been implemented or if it is still a plan.


Your best option right now is to look into:

and if you’re focused on mobile web on win phone rather than mobile apps on win phone, you have a bit more choice with these additions:

Thanks Daluu for providing these links!

I have come across Winium.StoreApps.CodedUi which I find very interesting since it does not only support test on emulators but also on real devices.!topic/selenium-developers/AFscXA8uTVI

I have an app that is running on PDA (windows phone version 5.2) which I am interested to automate. My next questions are:

  1. Does Winium.StoreApps.CodedUi support windows phone version 5.2?
  2. How do I integrate Winium.StoreApps.CodedUi with Appium?

Thanks in advance!


I think you’re out of luck there. Windows Mobile 5.2 is an old platform that probably never had much if any automation solution.

I doubt Winium supports it. You can ask the developers of Winium (e.g. file issue, etc.).

Automation for Windows mobile/phone only really started with WP8. I don’t recall hearing much of anything for lower versions.

You may have to resort to simulators/emulators together with GUI desktop testing tools (commercial or free) to accomplish the automation for WM 5.2, and likely not with real device automation.

Hi Daluu

That is what I thought too, I just felt that it does not make any harm to enquiry. If I was able to get hold off one WP8 device, would I be able to integrate Winium with Appium? or Would I have to install it as a separate tool?

  • You may have to resort to simulators/emulators together with GUI desktop testing tools (commercial or free)

Do you have any tool in mind for simulators/emulators together with GUI desktop testing tools?


Teddy, to answer your questions:

No, Winium likely doesn’t integrate with Appium. Separate code/project/tool, and in your tests if you used both, would be a separate (Web) driver object instance.

For simulator/emulator + GUI desktop tools, I was thinking along the lines of using the MS provided WP simulators for WP8, 8.1 and to automate them with tools like Sikuli, AutoIt (not likely, as may not work well here), QTP, SilkTest, etc. Basically any GUI desktop tool that can recognize GUI object elements of the simulator or within the simulator display. Where tools that rely on object identifiers in code QTP, AutoIt, etc. may fail you can try tools like image recognition based automation like Sikuli.