Is there way to record video of the test and embedded in any report

i want to record video of running the test case and embedded in any report after the test case completed

example of Java code:

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Thanks for your reply , i did as the example but it record video , i need to attach this recorded video to any report which generated after the test finished

do you have any idea how to attach this video to allure report - extent report - testng report

    @Attachment(value = "VideoFile", type = "video/mp4", fileExtension = ".mp4")
    public byte[] attachVideoToAllure(String file) {
            File video = new File(file);
            try {
                return Files.toByteArray(video);
            } catch (IOException e) {
                return new byte[0];
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thanks for your help

For @Attachment annotation - what to do? In my case ‘Attachment cannot be resolved to a type’