isLocked method is not found in appium 1.2.2

after defining appium driver

when typed driver. isLocked method is not shown

Please add tags to your topic title. Like these: About the Issues/Bugs category

If you added the tag for which language you are using, I’ll probably be able to tell you to check the github repository for the client, that method might not be implemented yet :smile:

We will try to get it done right away!

Platform for automation: Android
Appium version: 1.2.2
Real Device
The language you are using for writing tests (client binding) - java client 1.6.2
OS - Windows 7

Thanks, but if you try to edit the Title of your first post, you’ll see a little box to add tags. Can you try that?

Just trying to make people familiar with the new forum.

Any updates on this request?

Yup, will add it after the Settings PR goes through. Expect a new release of java-client.