Issue automating Cordova application with Appium

We have a Cordova mobile application designed for Android platform. When we use Appium Inspector to inspect element properties we do not see either resource-id or content-desc for different elements. Could anyone please help in getting locators for these elements? Or is there anything that has to be taken care during application build time for getting any identifiers? Attaching screenshot from Appium Inspector Window and Page Source for the page for reference.

Thanks in advance for any help!

Appium Version: 1.2.3 Java Client : 2.0.0

Page Source and Inspector Window screenshot
: PageSource.txt (3.8 KB)

Could someone please help in this regard?

Use the class name

Or just store it in List and select the specific element by the index.


Thanks for the reply… But we knew this method, is there a way that these properties can be assigned through Cordova?