Issue: google-map-markers list as being not displayed

Hello people,

I currently am trying to select a google map marker using Appium. It seems this would not be a bug so I’m not posting the full details yet. The app I’m testing is a hybrid app, and the issue appears on both ios and android. There are a multitude of tests which work perfectly so it’s not an issue with the setup.

The problem is I can find the elements by using a Css Selector (’#map google-map-marker’) which returns as many elements as I visually see markers on the map. However they all return false for el.isDisplayed(). Even when using waitForElementsByCss(cssSelector, asserters.isDisplayed) they all keep returning false.

Is this related to how the google map elements work, or something with appium? Are there any known work-arounds?

Many thanks in advance!