Issue launching MAUI .net application on Android 11

I am trying to automate the Hello World sample for Maui .net.
I have two devices an old Android 8 phone and a newer Android 11 phone.
I can install and run the hello world application on both phones with no issue.

When running a simple test with Appium:
The Android 8 phone works perfectly, the application loads and I can click the button.
The Android 11 phone fails to launch.
Both phones are running the same test code, the only change is the target device.

The logs have it looping waiting for the application activity:

[AndroidDriver] Screen already unlocked, doing nothing
[UiAutomator2] Starting 'com.companyname.mauipreviewapp/crc64531682b73074e414.MainActivity and waiting for ‘com.companyname.mauipreviewapp/crc64531682b73074e414.MainActivity’
[ADB] Running ‘adb.exe -P 5037 -s R58T32TDW9K shell am start -W -n com.companyname.mauipreviewapp/crc64531682b73074e414.MainActivity -S -a android.intent.action.MAIN -c android.intent.category.LAUNCHER -f 0x10200000’
[ADB] Waiting up to 20000ms for activity matching pkg: ‘com.companyname.mauipreviewapp’ and activity: ‘crc64531682b73074e414.MainActivity’ to be focused
[ADB] Possible activities, to be checked: ‘crc64531682b73074e414.MainActivity’, ‘com.companyname.mauipreviewapp.crc64531682b73074e414.MainActivity’
[ADB] Getting focused package and activity
[ADB] Running ‘adb.exe -P 5037 -s R58T32TDW9K shell dumpsys window displays’
[ADB] Found package: ‘’ and fully qualified activity name : ‘’
[ADB] Incorrect package and activity. Retrying.

Eventually it hits a timeout and closes the session.

On the phone I can see the application start up but then it close and goes to the background.
When I attempt to bring the application back to the foreground, it closes and goes back to the background.

Any ideas why this works on Android 8 but not on Android 11?