Issue Selenium hub with appium ,server response code : 500

I am trying to connect selenium server with appium node with the below command

Command for Register Hub :
java -jar selenium-server-standalone-2.44.0.jar -role hub -port 4433 &

Command for Register Node
appium --nodeconfig /PATH/grid/node.json

- node.json file

“browserName”: “iPhone5”,
“maxInstances”: 1,

Getting the below error in - Erron in Browser :

DefaultRemoteProxy unknown version,server response code : 500

Getting the below response code in browse:smile: :

When i am trying to run the mobile automation code its not launching the app ? Please let me know what is the
issue ?


This issue solved by changing the configuration to port 4723 which is Appium’s default port .


@MuthuSelvan: Watch my video

Thanks for sharing your video , i saw this …really good …

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Kindly look my below and help for solving the issue .