Issue with setting text into the search field (Android)

I’m trying to set text into a search bar. I previously used setText() method, but in the latest version of appium & java-client it closes search bar, trying to clear it, and fails.
I’m using java client 2.0.0, appium 1.3.1, Android 4.4.4.
Does anyone face the same issue? Could you please suggest the proper way of setting text into a text field on Android?

P.S. This issue is also reproduced in Play Store app, when I try to send some text into search bar on the main screen.

Have the same problem (not search field but text field for input addresses), so join to ask about this issue

I resolved this issue by using adb shell (exactly - adb shell input text “input_text"). However, this method doesn’t work in some cases.

I upgraded appium version to 1.3.4 and it helped