Issue with the Appium Inspector

My mobile app uses Chrome custom tabs, so when I click on login button on native screen of Android emulator, it opens google link. I want to access that google page elements to automate my testCase corresponding to them.

  1. When I am starting Appium inspector to inspect the elements on google page link using below capabilities (inside Appium inspector):
    ** “platformName”: “Android”,**
    ** “appium:deviceName”: “Pixel 5 API 30”,**
    ** “appium:automationName”: “UIAutomator2”,**
    ** “browserName”: “Chrome”**
    After starting the session with same capabilities in Appium inspector, It loads the emulator screen but with by default below page

    And if I refresh the Appium inspector page after loading my app screen on emulator (i.e In my app click on login button -> Chrome custom tab of google link is open), I can see my screen on Appium inspector but I could not able to inspect the elements on my app screen because the “source section” on Appium inspector is still showing all DOM elements of Appium docs link page as shared in the screenshot.
    Despite of refreshing Appium inspector many times, I could not able to see the DOM elements of my link page.

Can someone please share some inputs as what I might be missing here?
Thanks :slight_smile:

Same happened to me. If it resolved for you can u pls ping steps to resolve?