Issue with while connecting iPad device to Appium v1.12.1

Hi, I am new from Appium and just started to configure the iPad device with Appium v1.12.1. So while running Start Session the below error am getting : -

An unknown server-side error occurred while processing the command. Original error: Unknown device or simulator UDID: ‘f90077da50cfae6b1bdfgeterty5bd940b0c65b2’

Appium : Version 1.12.1 (
Xcode Version 10.2.1 (10E1001)
iPad vesrion : 12.1

Configuration Setting

“platformName”: “iOS”,
“udid”: “f90077da50cfae6b1bdfgeterty5bd940b0c65b2”,
“application”: “XCUITest”,
“bundleID”: “com.test.*”,
“deviceName”: “iPad mini 3”,
“browserName”: “iOS”,
“AutomationName”: “XCUITest”,
“app”: “/Users/abc/Downloads/TestApp.ipa”,
“platformVersion”: “12.1”,
“xcodeSigningId”: “iPhone Developer”

Please do some needful help to resolve this issue.

Raja P